I’m avalable for new collaborations, projects and makeup challenges for the coming up autumn! So if you or someone you know is in need of MUA or stylist services, please let me know and lets make some magic happen!

Sometimes when I’m trying to get ready for work, my baby Brat thinks I should stay where I am and in protest he falls asleep to middle of my “getting ready process”. When he can tag along to work, he usually is with me because he just loves people, places and adventures. Just so you know, I might have a little ball of energy with me while at work.

So after few years, I’m finally confident enough to publish my own web page… as a portfolio!! I had been working on with another site, but it had too much tech stuff, and as a perfectionist nothing is ever good enough and you grow tired of fine tuning all the technical details. Solution was to start everything from a scratch with a different platform.

But for right now, this will do just fine so WELCOME to my portfolio. You can catch all the behind the secenes details, projects, currently in processes from my social media channels below. Hope you enjoyed your visit to my site!